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Build business connections that matter

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You're having the same professional interests. 

You're sharing the same business goals.

You're facing the same challenges at work.

But you haven't met. Yet.

Let Vancy help you match & connect with new business friends.

Try it for free

know the right people

Matchmaking made by Vancy​

Tell us about your interests, goals and preferences and we will suggest perfect matches.

Our smart matchmaking algorithm will help you discover relevant business professionals. Be surprised by our choices and accept the most compatible profiles.

Swipe, search and enjoy your matches.

get to know/ engage/
business opportunities
long-term/ long-lasting relationship
gain knowledge
advance your career
fresh ideas/new perspective/ insights

meet the right people

Meet with Vancy​

Get in touch with your matches by using your coffee or lunch break. 

If you have a sudden gap in your calendar, don’t worry- you can still go to your favorite restaurant but with a new fellow from your network. 

Share your free calendar slots and use them for growing your network.

Meet new colleagues now

Vancy Live

You are on a business trip in a different town and would like to meet new colleagues immediately? You dont know where to go and have limited time?

Turn on the “live” mode via Vancy and find work-minded people close to you. 

Get together and use your time in the best possible way.

sharing not taking
Let’s talk business
inspiring professionals
Common/mutual interest

Help the right people

Vancy Community

Struggling with a business challenge or need help? Get some advice or help from your peers. 

Vancy Community is a great place to share thoughts, ask questions that matter and are relevant for you right now.

Help others or get help - that is why Vancy is here.

Join forces

Vancy Groups

You want to share ideas with your colleagues and business friends in your own group, create your own events and stay connected effectively?

Use the group function of Vancy and create your personal group today to bring your networking exclusively and purposefully forward. You can customize your group at any time, invite and dismiss new members and make the most of synergies.

If you are interested in our Ambassadors program and would like to start a regional Vancy group, we would love to hear from you, too.

Direkte Interaktion und Kommunikation
Partner für gemeinsame Projekte und  Kooperationen

What is Vancy great for?

Face-to-face meetings

If you are all about face-to-face encounters and real business talks

Business motivation

Experience the excitement of connecting with someone who share your business passion​

Business stories

Get inspired and motivated by new business stories

Added value

Make a genuine connection that will bring you value

New opportunities

Every new contact opens up a whole new world of oppurtunities

Networking skills

Bring your networking skill to the next level

Meaningful Connections

It's all about people who know people. Vancy knows it all​

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have some questions, we have tried to list and answer the most important ones.

What is Vancy?

Vancy is your new networking app. Meet new business friends to get ahead professionally. Vancy offers you to meet new people by swiping, in the live mode or by asking questions in the community. WIth Vancy you can follow an innovative meet process to easily arrange a meal, coffee, video call or walk.

How does Vancy work?

As part of the registration process and during your first use, Vancy offers you an in-app tutorial that shows you exactly how the app works. You can also access the tutorial from the menu at any time.

Why should I verify my profile?

By verifying your profile, other users will know that you look exactly like your profile picture in real life.

You can verify your profile as part of the registration process or at any time from the menu. Simply take a random selfie and Vancy will match the selfie with the profile picture.

We store the selfie only for verification and do not use it for any other purpose. You can read more in the privacy policy.

Do I have to pay for Vancy?

Vancy is free for use. However, there is an option to make your Vancy experience ad-free for a fee.

How can I report someone?

You can delete and report existing contacts directly by clicking on their profile and using the corresponding function there. Strange contacts or inappropriate profiles that you see while swiping, can also be reported or deleted.

Establish valuable business relationships

Stay in touch with your business partners very easily. Create long-lasting & meaningful relationships.

Join the Vancy community - download the app here.

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Social Network Vancy​

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