Community Guideline for Vancy


Social media is changing the way we interact with each other. The Vancy app enables the community to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas at eye level, to make new connections and to form a sustainable network. In addition to the tremendous benefits, every social platform, including Vancy, carries risks and responsibilities. This Community Policy is intended to ensure that the use of our service (responsible: Vancy GmbH, hereinafter "Vancy") and your interaction with it is safe and feels good to others. 

Therefore, please note the following:

Personal Account

Your account with Vancy can only be created for you and not for third parties. You are responsible for the data you enter. Wrong data will sooner or later fall back on you. A sustainable network is built on duration and trust. What you publish reflects you. Your inpiduality determines the network you build at Vancy. You speak only for yourself, not for others, certainly not for groups. You are you.

Despite the privacy options available, many items posted online are publicly accessible, and it is impossible to guarantee that sites are completely private. Therefore, always assume that anything you say can be read by anyone, anywhere, at any time, and remember that the Internet has a long memory. If you are not sure whether certain content is suitable for online publication, do not publish it. Better safe than sorry. 

If you publish photos, make sure that only photos of you may be used, which show your face, so that a clear identification is possible (no photos from behind or from the side, if thereby the face is not to be recognized, no head coverings, scarves or other coverings, which do not permit an assignment to you as a person, unless it is expression of your religious conviction. Pay attention with photos above all to it: No weapons, no eroticism, no hunt, no nude pictures or pictures in swimwear or underwear, no children without adults, no hate, no holiday or leisure pictures. 

Rather: Profile pictures must correspond to the character of Vancy as a business platform.  

Please note: You do not have to use a profile picture. If you do, these conditions apply.


In order to build an effective network, trust is needed first and foremost. To gain trust, a fair and respectful tone is essential, even if you disagree. Be polite and respond to requests, as long as you are treated respectfully. When responding to messages that you feel are inappropriate, always keep a businesslike and professional attitude. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the person reading your messages and consider how others might read and interpret your posting before posting. You should only post content that you would say directly to another person without offending them.

Do not engage in behavior that is socially unacceptable or illegal. Do not make derogatory remarks, bully or harass other users, use abusive language, or post content that is hateful, defamatory, threatening, discriminatory, or pornographic.

Vancy respects and encourages personal opinions and you should respect the right of others to think differently. Please keep in mind that topics related to politics, religion, and sexuality can be very sensitive, and you should be careful not to bring up topics that could be perceived as personal, offensive, or even insulting. You should not make remarks or jokes or display material that might offend members of a particular race, religion, or gender.

Please note: tone makes the music. Every person is different. Therefore, please keep in mind that due to lack of non-verbal communication or cultural differences, the tone of voice you use may be interpreted differently. Some participants may not be familiar with abbreviations, emoticons, and other codes used in online communication. Also, remember that comments are often taken out of context; stick to the facts.

We will not tolerate it if your content contains

  • Contain language or images that could be considered offensive or likely to harass, annoy, embarrass, alarm or disturb another person (including, without any limitation, language that could be considered discriminatory against a person's race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity or physical appearance);
  • Obscene, pornographic, violent, or otherwise likely to offend human dignity (e.g., including without limitation: language that may be deemed discriminatory against a person's race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, or physical appearance);
  • are offensive, hurtful, threatening, discriminatory, or promote or encourage racism, sexism, hatred, or bigotry (including, without limitation, language that may be deemed discriminatory against a person because of that person's race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, or physical appearance);
  • Promote any type of unlawful activity, including without limitation: terrorism, incitement to racial discrimination, or a submission of what in itself constitutes the commission of a crime;
  • Is libelous or defamatory;
  • Relate to commercial activities (including, without limitation, sales, contests and advertising, links to other websites or premium telephone numbers);
  • involve the sending of "junk" or "spam";
  • include any form of spyware, adware, viruses, corrupted files, programs or other destructive code designed to interrupt, damage or limit the functionality of any software, hardware, phone systems, networks, servers or other equipment, or that includes a Trojan horse or any other form of material manufactured to harm, cause interference with, or expropriate data and personal information, whether from Vancy or otherwise; or
  • in itself or by publication, infringe the rights of any third party (this includes, without limitation, intellectual property rights and rights of privacy);
  • depict another person and were created or distributed without the consent of the data subject;
  • are harmful to minors; or
  • Impersonate another person, including misrepresenting their name.
  • There is a zero tolerance policy for this type of content.

No advertising

No advertising. Vancy is not for selling things (ex. coupon codes & sales links).


Do not share content that is confidential. This is especially true for content that belongs to third parties. Violations may result in criminal prosecution. 

Make sure that you do not violate confidentiality obligations or obligations of confidentiality in the context of any existing employment relationship. 

Do not share information about colleagues or others, misuse their personal information, or publish their photos without their consent.

Intellectual Property

Comply with laws and regulations and, in particular, intellectual property laws, including copyrights and trademarks.

You may not post content or take actions that violate the law or infringe the intellectual property rights of others. 

Please note

Failure to comply with this Community Policy may result in immediate loss of access to our platform.